BODMAS Space Maths Game

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Game Description

Gameblox may not always load this game - if you are left with a black screen, try clearing your browser cache. This fixes it for me most of the time. Space to increase height, left + right arrows to steer. Avoid the missiles. The cannons fire at a random intervals. Collect the operators and deliver them into the correct places in the sum at the bottom. You can press 'D' to drop a block you are carrying. Once you have the correct solution, the door above the teleporter will open. Land on the teleporter to complete the level. A new random problem is generated at the start of each level. The total answer is always an integer value (+ve or -ve) however intermediate answers may not always be. *UPDATE* - the difficulty level now increased. Levels up to 3 use one operator, levels 4 - 7 use 2 operators, levels 8-12 use 3 operators and above 12 use 4. *Update* - There are two modes of gameplay which you select when you start - cannons on or cannons off. With cannons on you have as many attempts at the problem as you like but you will lose 1 life if you get hit by a rocket. Once your 5 lives have been used up then it is game over. With cannons off, the cannons will not fire, but you will lose a life for an incorrect solution to the problem presented. *UPDATE* As a way of providing feedback, the players previous attempt is shown on the screen, with the answer that is generated from their incorrect solution. This should help the player to improve their attempt. *UPDATE* Once the correct solution has been entered and the door to the teleporter has been opened, players can no longer change their operators in the problem which would have resulted in them losing a life.

Based on: BODMAS Space Maths Game by mike_adele

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