Marble Factory OLD

remixed by thelogicalwoman

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Game Description

If you've learned your way around the Marble Factory Discovery Level: you're ready to try Game 1. Designed for two players working together for a high score. Each player has her own job: Player 1 (keyboard) SET THE TARGET - Use the RIGHT ARROW and SPAECBAR to assign where the marble should go in the Venn diagram. Player 2 (mouse) MAKE A MARBLE - Click the attribute controls to make a marble that belongs in the target area. If you've got it right you'll score! Playing alone? You'll be busy with both jobs, keyboard and mouse. Each time you Reset the game, the labels for the Venn diagram will change. Be careful, occasionally a target assignment cannot be satisfied by any marble. That's called an "empty set".

Based on: Marble Factory Discovery Level by thelogicalwoman

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