Baby Foodie

by ritabarrachina

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Game Description

GAME AND RULES: Use left and right arrow keys to move the baby. Make baby eat fruits and avoid hamburguers. The goal is to reach 50 points or more. 1) Watermelon and simple Banana gives you 1 point. 2) Special Banana (with specks, from Canary Islands) gives you 5 points and make the baby grow up for a while. 3) Don't touch the hamburguer: you will loose and the baby will cry...(sound it seems is winter) Inside the game you will find commentaries about things I cannot do or bugs I found. WHY THIS GAME? MY THOUGHTS: Before I die I would like to know that every baby on this planet eats healthly at least three times per day... Don't waste food; eat properly. Hunger is not a game and we're not asked to born in one place or another. Thanks for playing!!!

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